Bring Nick to your event virtually or in person to be inspired by his stories that empower inclusion.

How Do you Want to be Remembered?

People are faced with decisions every day. This equity and inclusion keynote address speaks about the importance of asking ourselves the question, “How do I want to be remembered?” Audiences will garner an understanding of how the decisions we make have a profound effect on our lives long after they are made and acted upon. This message is illustrated through real life stories that will leave the audience laughing as well as thinking about the legacy they are creating. This presentation illustrates that inclusion without bias is what will fundamentally contribute to eradicating hate and building a lasting inclusive culture in your work community. Nick pulls from the life lessons he learned while cycling 8312 km from Victoria BC to St John’s NFLND on his Move for Inclusion journey to raise awareness about Inclusion. Nick shares with the audience that if ‘your why for doing something is big enough, then the how you do it will always show up.’ Nick shares practical approaches to fostering the most inclusive work place possible by offering insights and tips on how to propagate  a diverse workplace through his years of working in the inclusion and diversity space.