Nick Foley lives by following two values: family and inclusion. These have been his guiding compass and what he reflects on when making any decision.

Nick is the proud father of two, and an educator and coordinator in the Public Relations and Event Management program at Loyalist College.

In 2015, he cycled from Victoria BC to St. John’s NFLD to launch his non-profit organization, Move for Inclusion, and to raise awareness for inclusion and acceptance of all people without bias.

Nick’s company WE BE US, started 20k Sock Day, an annual event that raises awareness, providing socks and other items for homeless shelters across Canada.

Nick is driven by the desire to perpetuate a world of inclusion, self-worth and empowerment. He demonstrates this through the lifestyle he leads and the social businesses he starts.

His latest project, Life of Cadence, is a 12-week program designed to help people live their best, most intentional life. Find out more on the Group Facebook page or contact Nick by filling out the form below.

Nick is available to teach your group online. Contact him today using the form below to book a class or to find out more about his current community and inclusion projects.

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